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8 Tips to Staying Healthy When Your Family is Sick


When your family has come down with a “bug,” you want to avoid catching it. At least one person in the household needs to be healthy so they can care for others! You can reduce the risk of coming down with the flu or another virus. Follow these home healthcare rules if a family member is ill:

  • Wash Your Hands Frequently. Washing your hands may sound too simple, but it works. Wash your hands in warm water and soap every time you have touched or served a sick family member.
  • Do Not Touch Your Face. You may be surprised how often we touch our faces – roughly two or three times a minute! If you have not washed your hands, you transfer germs to your face, where they will enter your system. 
  • Stick to Elbow Coughs. Teach your children to cough into the elbow, rather than the hand, to limit the spread of germs.
  • Discard Tissues Properly. If your family members are using tissues to blow the nose, discard them in a separate garbage bag and wash your hands with soap immediately. 
  • Wipe Down Surfaces. Clean the surfaces in your home where you prepare food, eat, or use a desk. Use alcohol spray a couple of times a day if your family is ill.
  • Get a Flu Shot. The flu can be a dangerous disease for some people who could develop pneumonia and require hospitalization. Get a yearly flu shot; you can find places to get them for free.
  • Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. A tired body is more likely to get ill. Your immune system will perform better if you are well-rested, so ensuring you get a good night’s sleep is one way to help avoid illness.
  • Eat Healthily. The food you consume makes a big difference in your overall health. Develop healthy eating habits, avoiding processed foods, eating out, or ordering in often, and shift to eating healthy proteins, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

If a Child is Sick, Call the Doctor

If you are concerned about a sick child, call your doctor immediately. A temperature above 103 degrees could be a serious illness. With the available healthcare options, including telemedicine, there is no reason not to speak with a doctor if you are concerned about your child. 

Your Health Insurance

Your health insurance is a critical aspect of keeping your family healthy, so take advantage of what your plan offers. If any member of your family – or you – are unwell, it can be essential to get treatment before the condition worsens. Early intervention with antibiotics or other medications could be needed to help you and your family stay healthy and strong. 

If you have questions about your health insurance, we invite you to speak to one of our friendly agents to discuss your plan and the available options that could have a lower deductible, lower payments, or provide more in medical care. Every plan is different, and there may be health insurance available that better suits your needs or budget. 

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